Whilst the technology sector has seen exponential growth in the past two decades, there has been little recognition of the unique dynamics and challenges that it creates for marketers.


The Technology Market Interest Group (TMIG) is the first dedicated forum for best practice and professional development for technology marketers. The group aims to enhance the contribution and effectiveness of technology marketing professionals and help them to create measurable success for their organisations. TMIG is steered by practising technology marketers from organisations such as HP, IBM Oracle, Adobe and Fujitsu.

The TMIG aims to set the agenda for best practice and become the essential forum for insight, expertise and professional development.


The TMIG addresses the marketing challenges and aspirations of the technology sector, their partners and consultants. With a steering group of experienced industry professionals, our aim is to make the TMIG accessible, relevant and engaging to a wide ranging audience – from Product Managers to Marketing VPs and Vendors to Creative Agencies.


The TMIG offers high quality, original and unique content in the form of seminars, workshops, roundtables and other events. Contributors include practitioners with extensive industry experience, thought leaders and visionary speakers. We also provide excellent peer networking opportunities and a LinkedIn group but without the fear of unwelcome sales pitches.


This is a unique and exciting development for technology marketing and an opportunity for you to join us. There are a number of ways you can become involved.


Corporate leaders or ‘leadaholics’?

A number of factors can place an over-riding emphasis on a need for leads but how much lead generation is healthy for technology marketers?

Ask a sales team what they would like most and the answer is often leads. Not just any old leads but high quality ones, and preferably in high quantity.

For high volume, mass market or lower value sales, lead generation makes good sense. But for high–value technology sales, pure lead generation can actually be counter-productive.

So, how can technology marketers steer way from inappropriate and wasteful lead generation and get other marketing activities on the agenda to avoid the lead generation ‘cul-de-sac’? .

At this event, we’ll help you find answers to these questions and explore:

  • Why lead generation can be counter-productive in technology marketing
  • Why working closely with other departments is critical to gaining understandingof marketing’s wider role in developing strategic and more effectivecampaigns and programmes
  • How to streamline lead generation activity as a component of a joined-upmarketing strategy
  • How to create a more effective marketing mix for extended and high leveldecision making groups, protracted life-cycles and high value solutions

Panel discussion with Q&A. Speakers and panellist include:

Gregory Lecointe, Oracle
Alistair Fox, Expertek
Catherine Howard, ATOS
Simon Loe, Spiren

Date:  Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Location:  Oracle, Oracle One, South Place, Knightsbridge Room EC2M 2RB

The ‘Five critical fixes for the software vendor’ is a nationwide network of events taking place across London, Thames Valley, Manchester and Newcastle.

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Influencing the Influencers

Webinar available on demand from: Monday 25th August 2014

We are now in a new era of industry commentators, opinion formers and self-styled gurus who have such huge influence over consumers and B2B buyers we cannot ignore them, so… with this in mind how do you embed your messaging and “influence these influencers”?

Tech PR is dead. Today’s communications landscape no longer relies on expensive analyst houses or publishing companies to project independent, opinionated comment – sought by so many decision makers and cheque signers. The authority of opinion and connection is no longer the territory of ‘he who can be bought’ – especially in unoccupied evolving technology spaces.

In this, on demand webinar our expert panel explore the do’s and don’ts of identifying and building influencer relationships, with real-world insight from both sides of the fence.

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Creating Customer Advocacy

Webinar available on demand in August 2014

Ever heard this; ‘We need case studies’ or ‘We must have more testimonials’ or even ‘We have to get a customer speaker at our networking event’? we know these as the familiar cries from the sales and business development teams and we, as the marketing function are only too used to it.

The fact is that successful customer referencing programmes are a priceless tool for the technology business. However, their planning and execution are often mired by contractual, confidentiality, relationship and project success hurdles. The big challenge is how to plan a robust and effective programme that delivers.

At this event we will cover:

  • Customer advocacy stories – best and worst practice
  • Techniques to encourage internal participation and customer involvement
  • Planning tiered levels of customer advocacy

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