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A collection of witty observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency (memes 51-100)

The series is an irreverent take on some of the marketing topics of the day

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Partner MDF meme
Request for merch meme
Pimp the webinar meme
Sustained social meme
Good sales lead meme
Brand naming meme
Security marketing meme
Innovation wash meme
Think need, not nerd meme
Agile marketing meme
Growth hacking meme
Metaverse meme
Marketing talent meme
RevOps meme
Sales enablement meme
Overdose on personalisation meme
Marketing transformation meme
Brand authenticity meme
Rushed campaign meme
Live events meme
Make it go viral meme
Marketing budget meme
Customer insights meme
Focus group meme
Gamification meme
Loyalty marketing meme
Social selling meme
MarTech platforms meme
Thought leader meme
What marketing platform meme
Make it pop meme
Executive video meme
Explainer video meme
TikTok B2B marketing meme
Speed up website meme
Lack of feedback meme
MarTech excitement meme
Data driven meme
Cliche images meme
Differentiate meme
Science of SEO meme
Jazz up copy meme
Mega envy meme
Missed opportunity meme
Disrupt the status quo meme
Influencing the influencers meme
Data pool fail meme
Client marketing DIY meme

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Why not weaponise humour for your marketing?

The ‘knowing wit’ and irony provided by memes allows the pitching of cut-through messages, points of view and observations. Many of these would be unachievable through other marketing tactics and formats.

While flippant in delivery, humour can be used as a tool to build bridges, create empathy and assert differentiation. It’s also a valuable element to creating memory and brand affinity. By chuckling to yourself further up this page, we hope you’ve experienced this first-hand.

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