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When businesses are looking to scale products or services, they go into full-on demand generation mode, confident that the teething issues from early days have been addressed and that the task is about unadulterated selling and servicing.

When the business is selling complex propositions and bigger ticket sales, this isn’t quite as easy as it might sound. There could be a reasonably finite market, one that takes a time to stimulate and orientate. There could be barriers navigating contractual dislodge – and there could be stakeholders that need some attention and education before they’re ready for the journey.

This approach requires diligence, patience and a pursuit of quality.


There are a number of important planning considerations for marketers;

1. Avoid low quality ‘vanity’ tech leads
2. Propel tech buyer preference in critical early stages of consideration
3. Achieve high influencing value of CTA assets
4. Leverage immediate free-to-air channels ahead of spending on programmatic
5. Accelerate positive awareness across influencers/decision-makers

If these criteria resonate with your situation, then you should consider Enterprise Demand Generation.


This is where the headlong rush into commercial, programmatic media channels is balanced with structured, assertive and rigorous utilisation of corporate and collaborative channels. Both, providing a degree of awareness, trust and credibility required for the sophisticated sale – co-existing with fresh, nascent opportunity from purchased demand.

Enterprise Demand Generation is not quite as clear-cut as the term suggests. Sales of lower value, rapid purchase, smaller decision group products and services do not necessary benefit from Enterprise Demand Generation. The more B2C practices of ‘classic’, voluminous, demand generation are adequate to drive sufficient demand for these more commoditised offerings. This dynamic places slightly less emphasis on the quality, sentiment and early momentum of demand.

The Enterprise Demand Generation sweet spot is at the sophisticated purchase level.

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The Rubicon Agency has practiced Enterprise Demand Generation for over 10 years, across technology businesses in hardware, software and ‘wetware’. With a number of success stories under our belt, we have the expertise required to maximise the value of corporate, collaborative and commercial channels – and run workshops and consultations to develop free outline Enterprise Demand Generation plans.

As you’d expect, there are a few t’s & c’s, but the workshops are open to tech businesses of all sizes and segments. What’s key is the commitment to a longer term relationship and exploiting value from free-to-air channels and opportunities.

To request your free Enterprise Demand Generation planning chat, email info@therubiconagency.com

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