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About The Rubicon Agency

When Julius Caesar crossed a small river in northern Italy in 49BC he gave rise to an idiom for passing a point of no return. ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is something we chose to do when we realised our specialist skills and experience were helping to deliver more success for technology clients.

We’re 100% dedicated to technology marketing because we believe clients deserve an agency that’s fully immersed in a sector that has its own dynamics, its own challenges and even its own jargon.

Large and small technology clients choose us because we get things right first time and run ahead when necessary. They also like our creativity because we don’t accept that technology should be a Cinderella at the marketing ball. And with our focus on disruptive propositions, we’re able to help clients cross their own rubicon to reach business and technical decision makers – with measurable and often significant results.


Why choose a specialist technology marketing agency?

Whether it’s the dynamics, the decision makers or just the jargon, technology marketing is different and even, dare we say, challenging.

The Rubicon Agency is a specialist technology marketing agency, working exclusively for the information and communications technology sector. Working across B2B and B2C marketing, our specialist insight, strategic expertise and outstanding creativity produce inspired marketing and measurable return on investment. In short, we know what it takes to raise awareness, create interest and stimulate action amongst business and technical decision makers and influencers.

Our clients include some of the world’s most successful technology brands and we support them across global markets.

Three reasons to work with a dedicated technology marketing agency

Strategic Leadership icon

Strategic leadership

We know what works in b2b and b2c marketing. More importantly, we know what works in technology marketing and strategy. We can add value at every step; we can set the pace; we can even challenge your thinking. Our specialist expertise means we’re not afraid to take responsibility for strategy, planning and creativity that can achieve measurable impact and return on investment. We share many of those techniques and approaches in technology marketing articles in our blog.

Marketing momentum icon

Marketing momentum

We’re continuously aware of developments and drivers in the technology sector so we’re primed to get things right first time. We’re also able to collaborate confidently with marketers and technical personnel within client companies. By creating momentum we can be more efficient with your marketing budget and quicker to respond to the dynamics of the technology market.

Programme impact icon

Programme impact

We know how to reach extended b2b decision making groups, cope with lifecycle purchasing trends and distil complex product propositions. We also know what resonates with business and technical decision makers and by combining media impartially with our ‘joined-up marketing’ approach, we ensure impact translates into response.

Technology marketing is different, with different dynamics; influencers; decision makers; buying cycles; channels, even the jargon is different.

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