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Meme of the week #22 – Data deluge

As marketers, we’re now tracking more journeys, signals, consumption, interaction and exploration than ever before. That brings a HUGE amount of data and analytics to our fingertips.  But this increase in data capture is rarely echoed with a commensurate increase in resources, tools and capabilities required to convert it into…
The Rubicon Agency
May 30, 2022
Recycled ContentMiscellaneousOur Industry

Meme of the week #19 – Second hand marketing

Partner and channel marketing can sometimes suffer from ‘Second hand marketing’ - having to contend with content ‘hand-me-downs’ from corporate or product marketing. Unarguably, it makes sense to repurpose proven assets and collateral, especially when budgets are tight and partner channels are still in proof mode. But recycling doesn’t always…
The Rubicon Agency
May 11, 2022
All ABMMiscellaneousOur Industry

Meme of the week #17 – The ABM bandwagon

The premise of focusing marketing resource and investment on target accounts makes HUGE sense. Aligning it with parallel sales motions and plays is unarguable too. But, the risks run with a 100% marketing focus on ABM initiatives are the loss of serendipity, peripheral vision and broader exploration that drives innovation. …
The Rubicon Agency
April 21, 2022
MiscellaneousOur Industry

Meme of the week #18 – The pitch U turn

In business, the proverbial goalposts are always prone to move. We all know that. But, when an RFI is followed by an RFP, shortlist and award process that’s followed by a budget withdrawal or corporate U-turn, that’s something else. The investment: emotional, time, creative, client distraction can be quite considerable.…
The Rubicon Agency
April 18, 2022

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