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We’re enthusiastic and experienced advocates of video as a technology marketing asset. From launch trailers to aspirational vision videos, they have a unique ability to stimulate interest, accelerate understanding and influence decision makers – three key goals for any tech marketer.

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We’ve categorised these examples of our work into the seven most common formats, teaser, trailer, explainer, demo, showcase, vision and documentary. What they share in common is the advantage of our tech sector expertise and market insight combined with our creative but pragmatic approach to production. Each of these videos has created measurable impact and return on marketing investment for our clients

Demonstrating the value of
consolidated cybersecurity

Accelerating an industry shift
in modern manufacturing

Vision | Explainer

Turning-up the pitch
in listening platforms
Vision | Explainer

Radware / Cisco
Application Security

Promoting social gifting

Building great digital products
in 100 days
Vision | Explainer

Introducing Fan Experience Management

Increasing awareness in
secure DDoS protection


Identifying key
cloud trends


Orchestrating great
customer journeys

Articulating and owning a category in advanced forecasting and intelligent planning

Establishing IoT propositions
in fuel management


Crystalising IoT for
industrial users


Building the market in
Intelligent Voice Agents

Accelerating adoption of a game-changing
channel programme
Vision / Teaser

Increasing the
adoption of DevOps


Increasing the adoption of
smart cloud migration


Creating a thought leadership platform
for post-digital transformation
Explainer | Vision

Turning up the volume
in channel sales

Trailer | Explainer

Engaging executives in vision and debate on technology futures
Teaser | Trailer

Bringing omnichannel to life
Explainer | Trailer

Connecting Inclusion & Diversity to business impact

Powering modern
applications and beyond

Teaser | Trailer

Accelerating diverse talent
Explainer | Showcase

Changing the equation in the tech industry
Teaser | Explainer | Vision

Taking the guesswork out of school networks

Re-establishing the importance of sales fundamentals

Bringing the Public Cloud Experience On-prem.
Teaser | Trailer

Highlighting security strategies for the education sector
Explainer | Vision

Education = Unified Communications
Explainer | Vision

Challenging the big 2 network vendors head-on
Explainer | Vision

Driving awareness of the innovation agenda
Teaser | Trailer | Showcase

Driving internal adoption of UC
The Nomad

Teaser | Vision

Driving internal adoption of UC
The Game Changer

Teaser | Vision

Driving internal adoption of UC
The Pace Setter

Teaser | Vision

Elevating the capabilities of a global service provider

Highlighting the power of the portfolio
Explainer | Demo | Vision

Reinventing ripening with the internet of things
Explainer | Showcase | Vision

Creating an exclusive club for key accounts

Transforming communication on campus

Creating opportunities through 3D experiences

Promoting the benefits of an Inclusive and diverse workforce
Trailer | Showcase

Driving market development in IoT
Demo | Showcase | Vision

The Adaptive Engine
Explainer | Vision

K-12 E-Rate modernisation campaign
Explainer | Showcase

Unified Physical infrastructure campaign
Teaser | Trailer

Ripening Control Unit explained
Explainer | Demo

Our orchestration model explained

Intro videos

Digital Engagement Protection
Intro/outro sting

Open Banking: New Customer Frontier
Intro/outro sting

Modular ripening control system
Intro/outro logo sting

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We believe every penny of marketing budget has to show a return. The intention of our m4 content clinic is to create the right path to that return.

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