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In the realm of technology marketing, content is king. With the right qualities, it has the power to command a following, inspire loyalty and win battles for new business.

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Without those qualities, content can suffer a short and unsuccessful reign over influencers and decision-makers in a multi-media world saturated by multiple messages. So, what are the essential qualities for content? How can they be measured and, if necessary, how can they be improved? We begin with our unique M4 Content Clinic. By assessing your existing content for integration with a comprehensive action plan we can show where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there. As the name suggests, it has four components: Message, Meaning, Mojo and Manifestation.

With this simple method, we’re helping technology clients achieve measurable and often significant results from their marketing investment. Take a look at our case studies to find out more.

How M4 works

For every marketing challenge or opportunity, there can be several strategic and creative solutions. To gauge what’s more likely to succeed, we measure the following:

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– clarity and pitch

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– relevance and audience value

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– engagement and differentiation

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– content structure and application

Assessment and action plans

We’ve developed the M4 Content Clinic not as a revenue generator but as a relationship generator that allows you to decide next steps. We believe every penny of marketing budget has to show a return. The intention is to create the right path to that return, rather than deplete budgets with an invoice for something that adds no value.

It’s also good to know that our M4 approach invariably progresses to a mutually beneficial relationship with clients that in some cases have lasted for many years.

The content spectrum

We can assess and action plan content relating to a single technology solution; a line of business; a specific tier; communication channel; a vertical market or an entire company. Our content experience extends to all forms – including live, interactive, social, published and video.


Case studies – M4 in practice

AT&T K-12 E-rate Modernisation.


Cisco HR: Achieve more together.


SmartHarvest – Ripening. Reinvented.


“We believe every penny of marketing budget has to show a return. the intention of our m4 content clinic is to create the right path to that return.”

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