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Brand strategy

We do brand work with purpose and pragmatism. Take a look at our brand case studies and you’ll see our experience is built on marketing and communications projects which have required brand creation or development as part of the brief. And the pragmatism? You’ll find that’s part of our own brand proposition.

Weaponising the intangible

We create strategic brand architectures, design identities and structured narratives and stories. We build the brand systems that make b2b brands mean business – across the business. From proprietary ingredient brands, through to unique models and alliances, we’ve the expertise required to weaponise the relatively intangible.

At The Rubicon Agency we apply our specialist tech agency experience in b2b, b2b2c and b2c to clarify, elevate, differentiate or re-position client brands. These exercises are often bold steps taken as result of a fundraising round or a corporate restructure.

But the innovation and creativity that goes on in the ‘agency brand lab’ needs to land with all audiences – we apply our tech agency expertise to fit the brand strategy efforts with the intent of the business.

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Brand strategy case studies

First Resonance - Manufacturing Unleashed

Accelerating an industry shift in modern manufacturing

First Resonance

Opentext - Be surprised case study

Introducing a new portfolio under a new brand

Zix, Webroot & Carbonite

WorkBuzz Hero thumb

Building a unique voice in employee listening


Developing a new brand for inclusive conferencing


Brand strategy blogs

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October 26, 2020

Discover the five silver linings of new tech marketing outlook.

Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t go to plan for anyone. The technology sector is no exception and, like every other business sector, is having to anticipate and deal with the direct and indirect effects of ‘C-19’. 2020 has been a lesson in expecting the unexpected. As the uncertainty continues, the…
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March 20, 2019

Video focus #3: What makes a good vision video?

How do you sell the advantages of a significant technology evolution or the disruption that can precede business transformation? When an internal audience is key to driving change, how do you create buy-in or behaviour change? For tech marketers facing these challenges it’s unlikely that a PowerPoint presentation will be…
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October 23, 2017

McMarketing in the tech sector

Does fast marketing simply create customer indigestion? Like fast food, ‘fast marketing’ may appear to satisfy customers across the digital equivalent of a takeaway counter. But, with a limited menu and ingredients that may be lacking nutritional value, does it cater to the needs of marketers more than customers. Fast…

Making brand, portfolio and service propositions resonate with business and technical decision makers.

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