A collection of witty observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency

The series is an irreverent take on some of the marketing topics of the day

All memes available to drag and drop into presentations or social posts.

Feel free to share and create knowing smiles amongst colleagues.

And chat to us if any of these realities keep you awake at night.

Why not weaponise humour for your marketing?

The ‘knowing wit’ and irony provided by memes allows the pitching of cut-through messages, points of view and observations. Many of these would be unachievable through other marketing tactics and formats.

While flippant in delivery, humour can be used as a tool to build bridges, create empathy and assert differentiation. It’s also a valuable element to creating memory and brand affinity. By chuckling to yourself further up this page, we hope you’ve experienced this first-hand.

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