The value of Unified Communications (UC) can increase exponentially as more users and applications are deployed. So it makes sense to focus marketing effort on encouraging uptake within customer organisations that have, to some extent, deployed UC.

With this in mind, AT&T wanted to create a communications toolkit for their UC customers to use within their own organisations to expand awareness, education and demand. To stimulate interest amongst an internal audience, it was decided that a series of video would create the necessary cut-through amongst the daily emails that customer staff would be used to receiving.



What we delivered?

We devised, wrote and produced several short videos to capture the features and advantages of UC in business. A cast of three key characters was used to segment user types and typical UC applications. Each character’s story was told with a rhyming narrative as a voice-over (to allow for future localisation) and, with minimal staging, we created a highly stylised approach to the art direction of each sequence.

The campaign was supported by a series of touches by email, social, newsletter content and intranet articles.

What did the campaign achieve?

Not only did the campaign achieve the UC goals within client businesses, the campaign set a new benchmark for video-production within the business. It inspired a series of videos that reflected the storytelling and production techniques.

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Watch the video >
Watch the video >

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