Disruption and digital transformation have impacted – or are impacting – pretty much every industry and sector. It seems no entrenched brands are immune, including financial services.

The global industry is undergoing a period of change driven by a combination of factors, regulatory pressure to make banking more open and portable, market-entry by big-tech vendors, and the social agenda to make services more accessible for the under-privileged.

This creates a significant opportunity for the digital disruptors in fin-tech – and digital innovation platform businesses such as xLabs.

The challenge for xLabs is how to address entrenched commercial agendas, models and mindsets, and develop the market for transformational services – simultaneously. The Rubicon Agency were approached to help achieve this task.



What we delivered?

With a desire to shift the conversation beyond the compliance criteria of Open Banking, we developed a point of view paper that elevates the dialogue to the value, steps and best practices for successful exponents. The asset contains many thought leadership streams for extended communications activity.

‘The New Customer Frontier: Beyond Open Banking’ outlines the key considerations and transformational mindsets for fin-techs or new market entrants. This was complemented by a series of blog articles built to expand on key facets of the paper.

What did the campaign achieve?

The paper has proven to be valuable internally and externally – encouraging a consistent and more aspirational/consultative backdrop to partner, prospect and customer relations. Additionally, the outreach and exposure provided by the blog articles has raised the awareness with new constituencies and stakeholders.

Marketing expertise

Thought Leadership

Enterprise Demand Generation

Market Development

Sales Enablement

Strategic Content

Changing entrenched commercial agendas, models and mindsets.