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AT&T K-12 E-rate modernisation


The modernisation of the US government’s K-12 E-rate subsidy for communications has created a number of potential impacts that need to be addressed by leaders and decision makers in schools across the US. As a leading Service Provider for the education sector, AT&T recognised the importance of helping school leaders to understand the effects of E-rate Modernisation and provide a framework which could help them make technology choices that take advantage of the revised E-rate programme.

Working with AT&T’s Government and Education division, The Rubicon Agency created a range of content as part of a marketing programme targeted at education leaders, influencers and buyers for the remaining 3 year funding countdown.


E-rate Modernisation has an operational, technical and financial impact on K-12 schools. Whilst each aspect could be explained at some length, we recognised the importance of ‘cut-through’ for an audience of school supervisors who need to understand the key points in the shortest possible time.

For technical decision makers and influencers, the campaign included a comprehensive white paper and for financial considerations, we proposed and developed an online cost comparison calculator.


Quality of learning, innovation and ‘business’ efficiency are three key aims for the education sector. For leaders and decision makers in schools that means being aware of and understanding any operational, technical or financial proposition which can help achieve those aims. With this in mind we structured messaging and campaign assets under an overarching message to ‘achieve more for less’.

The campaign was also conveyed to AT&T’s Government and Education team to help them understand the market opportunity and support their business development goals.


With the proposition to ‘achieve more for less’ we scripted and produced two short videos as key campaign assets. These presented the background story, key features and considerations of E-rate Modernisation for school leaders. By combining distilled, essential information with the interview of a senior AT&T representative, we were also able to reinforce AT&T’s position as a trusted advisor and an experienced Service Provider for the education sector.

The videos created the impetus for viewers to take a deeper dive into the more detailed aspects of E-rate modernisation by reading the accompanying white paper and using our specially designed cost comparison calculator.


With an overarching proposition to ‘achieve more for less’, we structured content to explain how and why – using a mix of education, evidence and economics. These were applied to marketing assets appropriate to an audience of faculty influencers and decision makers and technical professionals.

Time-pressed school supervisors with low-level technical interest could benefit from a short explainer video which focussed on ‘business’ value whilst technical decision makers and influencers could find detailed technology comparisons and migration guidance through the white paper and microsite content.

The microsite also sustains awareness and guidance for the K-12 market over a period of time whilst E- rate discounts for traditional voice solutions are gradually phased out and each educational establishment reaches its own optimum point to make the switch to an IP network.

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