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SmartHarvest – Ripening. Reinvented.


The fruit ripening and distribution industry combines warehousing facilities with ‘rooms’ that accelerate the ripening process before distribution to wholesalers and retailers. Whilst control of the natural ripening process can be managed to some extent with refrigeration in transit, the precise balance of ethylene injection (to promote ripening) and refrigeration (to retard ripening) has only been enabled with static ripening rooms. With the SmartHarvest Mobile Ripening Unit, precision ripening can be introduced into the supply chain at any point from grower to retailer.


By combining an advanced ripening control system with internet enabled management (Internet of Things), SmartHarvest offers greater precision and efficiency in ripening. By incorporating the system into a mobile ripening unit, SmartHarvest creates a significant industry disruption.

With our ‘Ripening. Reinvented’ strapline, we advised SmartHarvest to assert a position of innovative leadership in an industry which had seen too little innovation and too much complexity. Throughout all marketing assets, we also articulated the business advantages of this breakthrough solution and reinforced them with efficiency statistics and customer testimonials.


The potential market for the SmartHarvest solution expands beyond importers and distributors and deeper into the supply chain. With this in mind, it was important to articulate how the Mobile Ripening Unit could deliver advantages and opportunities for all involved – from growers to shipping container manufacturers – with common care abouts being produce quality, efficient logistics and profitability.


It’s fair to say that business to business marketing in this sector is uniform and predictable with focus mainly on the produce itself. For SmartHarvest, we created content to inspire the market to reconsider how things were done and recognise the importance of precision and efficiency in the supply chain which is highly dependant on ripening technology.

It was equally important to inspire confidence in SmartHarvest’s capabilities with an explainer video and website content created and organised around the technical and business careabouts of the target audience. And by making the bold claim that this was ‘ripening reinvented’ we were able to make the audience sit up and take notice.


We created a short video which blended business messages with technical explanations using a mix of simplified animation and actual footage.

We produced the SmartHarvest website from scratch to present potentially complex information in a format which allows different influencers and decision makers to discover content relevant to their role and objectives.

By creating an Infographic, we were able to show the holistic and disruptive nature of the solution and the advantages and opportunities that it creates for each link in the supply chain.

Presentations were also created to ‘evangelise’ and explain the SmartHarvest solution to a wide range of influencers and decision makers around the world.

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