Increased choice, social media, new delivery services and offer-driven marketing have transformed the expectations and behaviour of food and beverage consumers. Add to this the upsurge in ordering and booking apps and it’s easy to see why restaurants are obliged to use every advantage they can in order to win and retain customers.

Like their competitors, hotel restaurant operations are challenged by three key metrics: revenue, returns, and ratings. To score highly in all three means delivering the best possible customer experience – Customers now expect to be empowered and through the use of digital technology can now personalise their dining experience, book, pre-order and pay for their food and beverage remotely. This is where BookingTek is disrupting the hotel food and beverage space.

When BookingTek approached The Rubicon Agency they already had market success with 50% of the top 10 largest hotel groups choosing their direct-book restaurant solutions. Their brief to us was to drive an Account Based Marketing campaign which would resonate with senior decision makers in operational, marketing, finance and sales roles and stimulate demand for BookingTek restaurant solutions.



What we delivered?

Our solution included:

  • Comprehensive geo and profile-driven LinkedIn marketing to hospitality companies
  • Static and animated ads
  • A briefing guide
  • A series of InMails
  • Follow-up Introduction presentation

What did the campaign achieve?

The campaign generated a very healthy level of demand from senior C-suite and VP roles, keen to hear about strategies to drive up revenues, ratings and returns.

Watch the video >
Watch the video >

Marketing expertise

Digital Lead Generation

Account Based Marketing

Sales Enablement

Stimulating demand for BookingTek restaurant solutions with an Account Based Marketing campaign.