When you’ve already lead a number of big-shifts within markets, you rightfully achieve industry recognition as a market leader and a barometer. But, with today’s thirst for transformation, even these luminary brands are under threat from disruptive innovators who see the value in sideways thinking and challenging the commercial and operational status quo.

That was the case for Cisco. The organisation realised that to maintain market leadership it needed to rethink how it collaborated across business functions, and how it could create a new culture that was conducive to doing things differently. The business recognised the need to rethink the innovation process, together with how the customer experience can be enhanced throughout the value chain.

All these efforts were dependent on significant mindset and behaviour changes across the business – something that would not be achieved overnight. We helped develop a comprehensive, phased programme of strategic content around the challenging maxim of ‘Be the Change’. The personal call to action was used to drive change education, recognition and modelling exercises across a number of cross-functional teams charged with enacting some of the process and operating model changes that were essential for success.



What we delivered?

  • Awareness programme on need for change
  • Suite of thought leadership videos to drive new mindsets
  • Educational eBooks
  • Newsletters to communicate status
  • Branded awards and recognition programme
  • Series of change tools to drive new leadership behaviours

What did the campaign achieve?

The 3 year programme helped support the improved performance and market sentiment to Cisco, with renewed energy and belief that ‘Cisco has its swagger back’ as one leading market analyst observed. Also, it has been roundly recognised by leading partners and customers as a significant step towards regaining thought and market leadership.

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Thought Leadership

Employee Engagement

Strategic Content

Account Based Marketing

Cisco has its swagger back’ as one leading market analyst observed.