Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualisation, service-oriented architecture and utility computing. For today’s Service Provider, the Cloud promises to change the way services and applications are delivered and consumed by their customers.

As the world leader in networking, Cisco approached us to create an exclusive experience that would give key Service Providers, SIs and Channel Partners a real understanding of the Cloud and present a compelling case for Cisco as the enabler for optimised Cloud delivery.



What we delivered?

Using Cisco’s Executive Briefing Centres as the delivery platform, we wrote and produced a unique 3D video that takes the Service Provider on a ‘Journey to The New Services Universe’. This was complemented with a suite of presentations, videos and demonstrations that were collectively packaged to make personalised ‘Cisco Days’.

The 25 minute movie positions Cisco as an integral partner with a complete Cloud services portfolio that brings Infrastructure, Security and Collaboration together. Different versions were produced to address each target audience.

The film also demonstrates how developing key technologies and partnering with major Cloud players allows Cisco to offer a faster, easier route to the Cloud that it is a reality today.

Having viewed the movie and taken part in a Q&A session, customers are then invited to visit the Innovation Centre where key aspects are brought to life for the business decision maker. Using a fictitious character and a range of product demos, the audience are walked through a series of real life scenarios where services such as VDI, Business Continuity and Cloudbursting can be employed to create the ultimate rich Cloud experience.

What did the campaign achieve?

A similar format was also developed for the Cisco Proof of Concept Lab where the situations and demos are adapted to tell the story to a technical user audience.

The framework for Executive Briefing Centre events has become a mainstay in engaging senior executives in significant strategic decisions. The format has proven successful for influencing thoughts and shaping conversations around new services, architectures and notions on future technologies.

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Producing a unique 3D experience that takes the Service Provider on a ‘Journey to The New Services Universe’.