Cisco recognises the importance of creating a culture of inclusion and diversity where all members of its global workforce can contribute to their full potential. Cisco believes that inclusion and diversity enables greater empowerment, innovation and collaboration, which helps the company create better products for customers and greater value for shareholders.

Cisco approached us to create a programme that would establish the role and value of inclusion and diversity. The aim was to illustrate the importance of addressing workforce trends and achieve a change of mindset.



What we delivered?

We created a sustainable campaign to energise and empower key stakeholders to drive change and gain executive sponsorship for the inclusion and diversity programme. We recognised that strong leadership would be important to bring about change and drive full benefit from the programme. We also realised that change would be gradual, so we recommended a phased campaign that would enable progress towards Cisco’s vision of “Workplace 2020.”

Our campaign resources touched all ethnicities, genders and orientations, demonstrating how Cisco’s inclusion and diversity programme would benefit their specific work/life agendas. A series of five videos showcased Cisco people, showing how they made an important contribution to the company’s success while maintaining that all important work/life balance. The videos dramatised the transformation in Cisco’s global workplace and established the value of inclusion and diversity.

A series of targeted eDMs announced the launch of each video and pointed stakeholders to a website where they could find details of the programme, together with additional campaign resources. We also produced internal and external advertisements and copy blocks to communicate key campaign messages in blogs, newsletters, emails and other communications.

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Illustrating the importance of addressing workforce trends and achieve a change of mindset.