With organisations rapidly moving away from 3rd party customer data and towards a reliance on 1st  party data sources, more focus is being placed on how companies use customer data to deliver a relevant, personalised and multichannel experience. With customer expectations exponentially increasing, organisations have to ensure that in return for personal information, needs are anticipated and experiences are exceptional.

With AT&T Journey Orchestration, businesses can now maximise the value of 1st party data with enhanced collection, storage and application of that information. This enables more relevant engagements with customers depending on their relationship with your brand providing a competitive advantage and deepened customer relationships.

These targeted communications can be delivered across a range of offline and online engagements. By combining real-time listening & interpretation highly targeted, personalised messages can then be delivered to prospects and customers.



What we delivered

Explaining the art of possible to the audience was critical to the success of the programme. Many marketers see the ability to hyper-personalise and deploy at scale, in real-time as a pipe-dream.

The Rubicon Agency was approached to bring the capabilities of journey orchestration to life through a comprehensive explainer video. This asset illustrated how 1st party data, journey orchestration, a reliable network backbone and content delivery network could deliver powerful results. This hero asset was complimented with a customer sales presentation and social proof assets that included case studies and use cases.

What did the campaign achieve?

These assets were used primarily at industry events but were also deployed in the AT&T Executive Briefing Centre. The programme enabled deeper account penetration into existing network accounts as well as expanding the footprint within the Time Warner customer base.

Journey Orchestration was successfully deployed in a number of Forbes 500 accounts and also scaled to be deployed within partner programmes including CGI.

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Marketing expertise

Enterprise demand generation

Proposition development

Strategic content

Thought leadership

Partner marketing

Journey Orchestration was successfully deployed in a number of Forbes 500 accounts.