The audio and web conferencing industry has been through some seismic changes over the past few years. Adoption of such technologies was at an all-time-high during the pandemic, with innovations to provide richer, more meaningful experiences showing few signs of slowing down. However, self-managed conferencing for mission critical events can prove to be a daunting task. With limited internal resources, incompatible technology or complex logistics, many organisations require specialist help.

Intellor provide a range of fully-managed conferencing services that incorporate dedicated event management, rich media production capabilities and provision of as-a-service conferencing platforms. To keep up with the evolution within this space a new message and brand refresh was required.



What we delivered

To showcase Intellor’s expanded portfolio of services, The Rubicon Agency were approached to refresh their corporate identity, sharpen their go-to-market propositions and redevelop intellor.com to create a more joined-up user journey and demand engine.

In tandem, The Rubicon Agency created a suite of customer-facing assets used as part of the sales process including product data sheets, whitepapers, customer case studies and Intellor success book.

What did the campaign achieve?

The new site has generated significantly more inbound traffic with an 28% increase visitors, a 35% increase in new visitors and a considerable decrease in bounce rate. The new site has also been road-mapped for future innovation by intellor which are coming later in the year.

Marketing expertise

Proposition development

Strategic content

Brand development

The new site has generated more inbound traffic with an 28% increase visitors, a 35% increase in new visitors and significant decrease in bounce rate.