Within a company like Cisco it’s not surprising to discover a healthy culture of innovation in technology development and application. However, as a leading global enterprise, the business also relies on innovation across all aspects of its operations to sustain and grow success.

The Innovation Hub is Cisco’s internal portal for home-grown innovation. With a large active community of employees and partners, it provides a comprehensive, one-stop resource for the encouragement and support of innovation within Cisco.

The portal has been an incubator for a number of innovations which have attracted significant investment and delivered measurable market success. For those people who want to become part of the Innovation Hub community, Cisco has provided a table of elements which helps to guide the scope of innovation.

The scope of innovation ranges from a new business or service idea to streamlining an internal process, or a new technology. With this in mind, Cisco wanted to increase awareness that ideas and involvement can come from anyone and anywhere within the business. While the Innovation Hub community had grown to more than 30,000 people, increased involvement from sales, marketing, financial, administrative and operational staff could see that number more than double to drive greater innovation across all aspects of the business.



What we delivered?

To create greater awareness of the Innovation Hub and its aims, we were asked to create and produce a short video for internal distribution.

Our recommendation was to combine a sense of aspiration and empowerment with reference to the wide-ranging and comprehensive content which features on the Innovation Hub site. It was also important to make it clear that the portal is a gathering place for anyone who wants to come together with others to inspire or be inspired; learn, collaborate, develop and celebrate innovation in its many forms.

We combined stock footage, an animated graphic identity, site content and on-screen text with a voice-over to strike the right balance between ‘showing’ and ‘telling’ the audience what they could expect from the Innovation Hub and why they should be motivated to become part of it.

What did the campaign achieve?

The video is helping drive continued success of the programme and raising the profile/corporate importance of innovation. Additionally, observations and ideas from the video development process are now being applied more deeply to the platform.

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