Mention the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to most people and they may recognise it’s what enables their domestic heating system to be remotely managed. But if you link IoT to automation and robot, the subject can begin to fire their imagination and even spark debate about things like ‘the future of employment’ and the notion of ‘machines taking over the world’.

On a more prosaic level, IoT is quietly helping to keep the world’s infrastructure working.

One example is AT&T’s Machine to Human (M2H) Contact Centre solution. It combines IoT, API, Contact Centre and Collaboration technologies to enhance field service with automated issue detection, prevention and resolution. Or to put it more simply, it can spot problems before they escalate and bring all of the right people, information and resources together to fix things quickly if they do go wrong.

With a big presence in the industrial sector and global expertise in Contact Centre technologies, AT&T wanted to promote their M2H solution at the annual AT&T Summit event in the US. Additionally, they required assets which could also be used after the event at other industry shows and in demonstration meetings.

Working with AT&T marketers and technology partners, we were given access to an extensive library of solution demonstration content as the basis for creating awareness and understanding of the solution’s capabilities amongst decision makers in customer organisations.



What we delivered?

Our proposed solution included three different assets:

  • A teaser video to stimulate interest and encourage attendees at AT&T Summit to request a solution demonstration at the event.
  • A self-running explainer video with voice-over showing the application of the AT&T M2H solution to a typical field service scenario
  • A 20 minute technical demonstration which combined sequences from the explainer video with user interfaces and technical guidance

What did the campaign achieve?

The demo achieved greater recognition of AT&T’s capabilities to go end-to-end with analysts and industry commentators. Also, it helped raise awareness of their capability in the API economy with sales leaders and customer CIOs/CTOs, and helped drive workshop opportunities for real-world solutions.

AT&T IoT (M2H) Contact Centre presentation

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Creating awareness and understanding amongst decision makers in customer organisations.