Innovation has become a much lauded but often misunderstood concept for organisations. Scan the business section of most bookshops and you’ll find plenty of verbiage on the subject. So, when a writer decides to publish a new book about innovation there has to be an element of innovation in their approach if they are to stimulate interest and sales.

‘Fearless Innovation’ is a book that takes a fresh and slightly anarchic approach to its subject. Written by Alex Goryachev, it offers a step-by-step guide for getting past the confusion, overcoming fear, and getting down to the business of creating a truly innovative environment.

Having produced the book, Alex was keen to have a set of presentation assets which could support a range of keynote speaking opportunities focussed on innovation and key concepts within the book.

After discussion with Alex, The Rubicon Agency proposed an interchangeable presentation deck using three types of creative approach to convey a range of innovation obstacles, case examples and propositions. This allowed Alex to mix and match humorous and visually creative slides to suit the context and flow of different keynote presentations and discussions.


Fearless Innovation

What we delivered?

Our solution included:

  • Concept, creative, writing and design
  • A library of interchangeable presentation slides
  • A complete foundation presentation

What did the campaign achieve?

Our approach gave Alex a solution to promote the book and propagate its content and methodology in an informal and engaging way for a wide range of audience types.

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