As a leading global software engineering organisation, SoftServe has an industry-leading reputation for high-quality solutions for enterprise and high-tech businesses. With skills and expertise across the secure software development lifecycle, SoftServe has domain expertise in a number of ‘quads’ including multi-cloud environments, AI and ML automation, data insight ecosystems and software development.

With a set of engineering capabilities that include supply of tactical resource, right the way up to co-innovation development programmes and digital professional services, SoftServe has a comprehensive offer a to corporate engineering functions. The task for The Rubicon Agency was assert the breadth of capabilities and up-shift the corporate story from point tasks to integrated development programmes that combine to achieve high-performance technology organisations.



What we delivered

The Rubicon Agency planned and produced a comprehensive content education and outreach programme to challenge and redefine perception of SoftServe. The intent was to increase the ‘engineering services surface’  and reflect a more sophisticated and end-to-end capable digital provider. This included a series of briefings, info-briefs, presentations and infographics that were promoted by internal sales teams, partners and corporate communications channels. In addition, The Rubicon Agency developed a campaign of programmatic advertising and social.

What did the campaign achieve?

Starting internally, the programme boosted the confidence and selling capabilities of internal teams who previously had limited structured narratives, cross-domain conversations and portfolio storylines to engage customers. Applying use cases and ‘art of possible’ messaging to the suite of collateral, The Rubicon Agency created a conversation platform and leads for more elevated, influential and ‘bigger ticket’ deals.

Marketing expertise

Digital lead generation

Brand strategy

Strategic content

Sales enablement

Enterprise demand generation

Creating preference for collaborative innovation is key to deepening customer relationships.