Symantec is a global leader in cyber security solutions which enable organisations to defend and protect their interests against growing risks and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

With a target market in enterprise commercial and public sector segments, Symantec wanted to drive conversations with a high-touch audience including C-Level executives.

To differentiate from other more typical security propositions, The Rubicon Agency created a campaign which asserted Symantec’s ability to help organisations develop a highly focussed approach to security in order to maximise effectiveness and minimise the cost and complexity of solution ’sprawl’.

Our proposition – ‘More focus. Less risk’ – was conveyed and substantiated throughout a range of content and marketing activities with messaging tuned to the careabouts of business and technical decision makers.



What we delivered?

We produced a series of demand generation emails and online content for a campaign microsite. These were reinforced with the production of a video which asserted a ‘5 Considerations’ thought process for senior executives.

What did the campaign achieve?

‘More focus. Less risk.’ formed the basis of ongoing marketing for the Symantec portfolio with adoption extending to key industry events over the following year to drive conversations with an extended decision making group and create new business opportunities for Symantec.

Marketing expertise

Partner Marketing

Helping the C-Suite to understand the value of focused security.