Against the background of a Gartner White Paper on the advantages of a dual-vendor strategy, Alcatel-Lucent wanted to launch their Omniswitch 6900 network router into the global enterprise and mid-size market.

Their target audience was comprised of business and technical decision makers. Like the highly successful OS10K campaign, we aimed to assert the superiority of Alcatel-Lucent’s product and challenge the dominance of the two leading vendors in the data space.



What we delivered?

‘The Core Challenge’ invited decision makers to view a comprehensive infographic showing the strengths and weaknesses of potential ways to meet the increasing demands placed on a typical enterprise data centre.

We also developed an animated ‘quick tour’ to add detail. With a focus on the importance of 10GigE migration, we were able to demonstrate the technical and operational advantages of the OS6900 and Alcatel-Lucent’s unique Application Fluent Networking proposition.

The network router campaign was also supported by communications to the internal and channel audience to increase their awareness of the 10GigE market opportunity and integrate campaign assets with their own customer communications.

What did the campaign achieve?

The campaign achieved several significant global business wins and in some cases, dislodged the leading vendor. Additionally, Alcatel-Lucent rose to become the No. 3 vendor in data for EMEA.

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