AT&T has a long history of supporting K12 schools in the US with technology that enables better learning, greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

For two decades, K-12 schools have been able to benefit from a US Government sponsored ‘E-rate’ scheme which has significantly reduced the actual cost to schools for communications that use traditional voice technology.

With the modernisation of the E-rate scheme, AT&T wanted to create awareness of the opportunity that this created for schools. The target audience of K-12 leaders also needed to understand the financial implications of the updated scheme and the advantages to be gained by taking action sooner rather than later.



What we delivered?

The key asset in our campaign was a short video aimed at business and technical leaders in K-12 schools and districts. This was supported by an AT&T white paper with both assets conveying our ‘Achieve more for less’ campaign proposition. The video explained the impact of E-rate modernisation and the options for switching to an IP network. We wrote and produced the video combining sector-specific library footage with a filmed interview involving a senior AT&T technical representative in the US and animated graphics to convey key facts and figures.

We supported the campaign with a dedicated microsite, additional ‘Ask the Expert’ video and ‘purchase process’ infographics.

What did the campaign achieve?

The campaign proved successful, helping the salesforce deepen and broaden conversations with institutions looking to migrate to a contemporary communications platform.

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Explaining the impact of E-rate modernisation and the options for switching to an IP network.