Partners play an important role in Cisco’s global presence and collaboration is key to creating mutual success. To help drive demand generation through partnerships, Cisco shares sales tools, events, logistical support and resources

Generating high quality leads, meetings and presentations can be challenging in a noisy technology marketplace. Partnering with a leading brand adds a powerful competitive advantage but moving a prospect from awareness to action requires more.

With a wide range of tried and tested formats, Cisco Partner Sales Acceleration (PSA) can help to de-risk the cost and time investment in customer events and marketing campaigns.

The Cisco partner ecosystem is vast, so the annual Cisco Live event presented the perfect vehicle to raise awareness and communicate the value of a dedicated PSA portfolio of ‘ready-made’ sales plays and partnership opportunities. These range from pre-qualified customer lead and tailored sales support to joint presentations at seminars.



What we delivered?

With a range of solutions on offer, we recognised the importance of creating summary and extended messaging – with a clear and differentiated proposition for each. We also proposed a succinct proposition for the entire portfolio which was ‘Boost business with more know-how and know-who’

We combined our copy assets to a design concept which was then applied to a suite of solution explainer infographics and promotional handout. Also, we developed a series of ‘deep dive’ presentations enhanced by a comprehensive icon bank, developed exclusively to support Cisco PSA.

What did the campaign achieve?

The suite helped generate strategic account leadership discussions and raised awareness within the ecosystem. Sharing sales solution best practices also achieved requests for programme participation.

Marketing expertise

Sales Enablement

Employee Engagement

Partner Marketing

Boosting business with more know-how and know-who.