While it is important to deliver product and service messages to education purchasing teams, our client wanted to raise the discussion to higher-level decision makers in the US to ensure that they understood the relationship between Unified Communication (UC) and academic learning.

We were asked to develop a programme that would raise the company’s profile in the higher, further and K12 educational environments by communicating the potential applications and benefits of UC for faculty, administrators and students.



What we delivered?

We developed a communication programme that would position our client as the thought leader for Unified Communication in the education sector.

Our educational UC campaign focused on establishing the relationship between ubiquitous Unified Communication and accelerated learning, taking the discussion above the traditional operational and financial arguments. We created the tagline “e = UC” (education =Unified Communication) to give a strong educational focus to the campaign and used it throughout the communications programme.

The primary tools for the campaign were two videos. The first illustrated the operational and educational benefits of Unified Communication in different educational environments. The second took a more detailed look at the Unified Communication portfolio, explaining financial, scalability and connectedness issues.

What did the campaign achieve?

The videos helped to promote awareness and interest at a senior level within educational establishments and generate new enquiries.

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