SmartHarvest offers greater precision and efficiency in ripening by combining an advanced ripening control system with internet enabled management (the Internet of Things). By incorporating the system into a mobile ripening unit, SmartHarvest creates a significant industry disruption.

With a global market opportunity, SmartHarvest wanted to rapidly develop a ‘first-mover’ advantage with a brand and marketing assets to drive awareness, education and credibility amongst decision makers in an industry which had seen relatively little innovation in recent decades.



What we delivered?

Beginning with the name and brand creation of SmartHarvest, we produced a range of marketing assets including the corporate website, case studies, product guides, event design, infographics and explainer videos.

With ‘Ripening. Reinvented’ as our strapline we balanced a disruptive proposition with clear articulation and evidence of both technical and business advantages.

The potential market for the Smart Harvest solution expands beyond importers and distributors and deeper into the supply chain. With this in mind, it was also essential to articulate how the SmartHarvest Mobile Ripening Unit could deliver advantages and opportunities for all involved – from growers to shipping container manufacturers – with common care abouts being produce quality, efficient logistics and profitability.

What did the campaign achieve?

SmartHarvest has achieved recognition in the industry as an innovator with proven technology installed in locations around the world. It continues to disrupt the industry and gain market share with key influencers and decision makers throughout the industry’s supply chain with customers that include some of the world’s largest produce brands.

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Reinventing ripening with the Internet of Things.