AT&T has a long-standing and successful relationship with the U.S. Education sector. With their experience and insight they recognise the challenges for Education leaders and decision makers when choosing network solutions for district schools.

Following our successful Ethernet marketing programme for AT&T, we were asked to produce an extensive network guide for the education sector.

Conscious of the extended budget, decision making and purchase cycles within the sector, AT&T wanted to reinforce their role as trusted advisor. By sharing insight and expertise tailored to the challenges and care abouts of education professionals they aimed to help simplify the task of understanding and harnessing the advantages of network technology while managing costs and protecting investment.

With an audience comprising education and technology professionals – both requiring readily accessible information and guidance – it was decided that an interactive eGuide would be the best format for distribution.



What we delivered?

Genuine insight and balanced guidance are key to successful sector marketing and communications. With this in mind, we combined existing and proven content from our previous sector campaign with additional content to create a comprehensive tool for influencers and decision makers.

Content was carefully segmented and organised to enable multiple entry points depending on the reader’s area of interest, challenges or objectives. Information design was enhanced with a highly intuitive user interface optimised for mobile formats.

Within the content we embedded an explainer video, an extended ‘ask the expert’ video and an interactive decision making tool.

What did the campaign achieve?

The eGuide has been used extensively through a number of e-Rate funding windows that drive seasonal interest and sales opportunities. The assets have been used within sales enablement drives to increase direct success, in addition to playing an important role in sponsored content programmes on sector media. Additionally, relationships with external independent advisors and consultants have been enhanced, with a clearer perspective on why they should introduce AT&T Education to their clients.

AT&T Education E-Rate ebook

Marketing expertise

Enterprise Demand Generation

Digital Lead Generation

Sales Enablement

Driving seasonal interest and sales opportunities.