AT&T is one of the world’s most successful companies with a history spanning more than 120 years. Knowing the achievements and capabilities which underpin the brand’s success is essential for their global staff, new recruits and partners.

Making facts and figures compelling can be a challenge. For a company like AT&T the challenge becomes more difficult as they continue to grow, innovate and push frontiers – which means the story is continually changing.

With a significant track record of innovation and a global presence, AT&T has access to a wealth of potential content for awareness and education assets. Using video as the preferred medium, we were asked to curate and edit that content into a cohesive story and create a visual treatment that would provide an engaging ‘superlatives’ snapshot of AT&T.

With a global audience the video also needed to be readily understood across multiple regions and be capable of accommodating future updates without incurring significant re-working or prohibitive cost.



What we delivered?

A short film combining animation with library footage and imagery. Without the need for a voice-over, the film can be used across global locations and be easily updated when significant changes and new developments occur.

By taking a pragmatic approach to the visual treatment of this film we were able to deliver a relatively cost-effective and adaptable solution. With careful editing and pacing we were also able to create an asset that could convey numerous pieces of information in an engaging way – without overwhelming the audience.

What did the campaign achieve?

Since launch, viewing figures for the film have continually risen to far exceed typical audience numbers for this type of information asset. Additionally, feedback from all levels of AT&T functions has been extremely positive. In addition, the regional sales forces have embraced the video and used within their social account profiles to support their social sales activities.

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Making facts and figures spanning more than 120 years compelling.