Following the success of his book ‘Building the Internet of Things’, Maciej Kranz wanted to produce a practical workbook to help frontline business and operations managers realise their first IoT project.

After producing his New York Times bestselling business book on IoT, Cisco’s Head of Innovation recognised a growing need for a highly practical workbook that could work in tandem with the book or as a standalone publication.

While the process of implementing a first IoT project involves a number of people, the initial impetus is not confined solely to business leaders, but also operational, technical and line of business influencers and decision makers at all levels.

The aim of the workbook was to help users understand their IoT readiness; create a project plan; bring the right people and pieces together; get started on a first project and continue building momentum.


Maciej Kranz

What we delivered?

With a time-poor and potentially sceptical audience we recognised that the workbook had to combine ease of use with rigour.

We recommended using a combination of checklists, questions, guidance and notes spread over a number of chapters with a scoring system for evaluation. By working through each section, users could clearly see the progression towards creating a valuable document and a ‘launch pad’ for IoT in their organisation.

In a world of digital content creation, it was also agreed that the physical aspect of a printed publication would set it apart from other tasks and give it a more tangible value.

Additionally, we supported the launch of the workbook with a demand generation campaign to drive buyers to publisher and retail sites. This included multiple format advertising across online and social media channels, and email marketing.

What did the campaign achieve?

Interest in the workbook has been significant with print-on-demand orders exceeding initial estimates. The workbook has also opened up many speaking appointments at a number industry, technology and emerging trends events around the world.

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Helping users understand IoT readiness to get started on a first project and continue building momentum.