As a leading vendor in career guidance platforms for international schools, BridgeU connect with an ecosystem of over 4,000 secondary schools to improve student choice and career aspiration. Whilst this was a significant milestone for the business, BridgeU had also developed a comprehensive solution portfolio for university recruitment, admissions and marketing professionals that would unleash a new level of commercial opportunity.

The Rubicon Agency was approached to help create clear, concise messaging for the portfolio and this new capability of BridgeU. The contemporary student journey and digital transformation qualities of the portfolio were a good market product fit for the post-pandemic environment – heavily impacted by changes in international student mobility and geo-preferences. This created greater pressure on international universities to improve their talent identification, attraction, engagement and enrolment.



What we delivered

The Rubicon Agency developed a structured set of messages and narratives to provide clarity and purpose for the portfolio, whilst avoiding devaluing and cannibalising existing business. This was supported by an enhanced visual identity to differentiate the university offer, so that social and programmatic demand activities were distinct from schools marketing. Collectively with trends reports, blogs and thought leadership content, this was applied to ABM activities to recruiters and marketers in global institutions.

What did the campaign achieve?

The campaign provided much-needed sales enablement support, brand awareness and high-levels of social feedback with influencers and target accounts. Longer-term opportunities were furnished with top-of-funnel trends data, and those with near-term buying interests were expressed to demo.

Marketing expertise

Proposition Development

Account based Marketing

We needed to iterate how the student journey could be enabled, influenced and tracked many years before their university application.