While still a relatively new proposition, AT&T Wearable Solutions had proven to be an innovative, timely and relevant approach for many organisations looking to track the movements of people – whether workforce, patients, contractors or the vulnerable.

The business case for smart phone was well established – but smart watches and tags was a more immature argument. AT&T recognised that it needed to get the solution more into the hands of potential buyers so they could start to understand the potential applications and benefits.

The business recognised that it needed to lead the market education in use cases, contexts and vertical market benefits from the smart measurements available through wearables.



What we delivered

The Rubicon Agency was approached by AT&T to develop an interactive demo and journey experience for use at key industry events such as Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The production would form an interactive kiosk for stand attendees and assisted walk-throughs.

The role of the experience was to allow the user to choose the journey that most suited their business needs – fixed site/premises, multiple sites, full mobile. Then, the experience would demonstrate how wearables can be deployed to monitor location, welfare, wellness, and risk – whilst delivering any emergency or support services in a personalised action plan.

The Rubicon Agency developed the full production, including animation and video sequences to tell narratives around solutions, benefits, delivery elements and success stories.

What did the campaign achieve?

The extensible nature of the production, together with its ‘Choose your journey’ format proved to be very popular at the AT&T stand. Furthermore, the business recognised the value in adding additional journey/solutions for further events – in addition to adding a voiceover and more videos for other event and seller experiences.

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The Rubicon Agency created an interactive demo to allow show attendees to choose the journey that most suited their business needs and demonstrate how wearables can be deployed.