Traditionally, IT and security professionals have used multiple vendors and technologies to protect their businesses and workforces. These solutions would work independently and with limited co-existence – they would require separate onboarding, enablement and administration regimes that would result in duplicated effort, resource and process. The power of fear, uncertainty and doubt has amplified the partitioning further.

The modern vendor – like OpenText Cybersecurity – is capable of bringing this all together for greater transparency, observability, optimisation and control.

But the model is new for businesses and their IT advisers – and it is imperative that they overcome their fears and recognise the potential in this consolidation. Security is crucial for all levels – so the argument needed to be clear, strong and undeniable.



What we delivered

The Rubicon Agency was approached by OpenText to position and promote its consolidation platform – Secure Cloud. The platform would allow the IT team to select, provision, deploy, manage and optimise a suite of solutions – all from a single console.

The campaign objectives included raising the education and comfort levels towards this new model – imperative for buyers of OpenText solutions. Sales of future products would be dependent on a familiarity and trust in the Secure Cloud platform.

Around an empowering creative proposition of ‘Your control center. Our cybersecurity’, The Rubicon Agency created and deployed a comprehensive campaign that would grow awareness with existing customers and prospects. This included explainer video, platform guide, social communications, intent and nurture marketing. All of this centred around a series of landing pages designed for specific audience intents.

What did the campaign achieve?

The campaign to promote this ‘single pane of glass’ solution was well received by IT and infosec audiences alike – all seeking greater productivity, control and business protection. The education and engagement content gained significant interest and pick-up, as you would hope with a mold-breaking model like Secure Cloud.

The campaign was extended to partners too – another key audience that could derive value from consolidation.

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Marketing expertise

Strategic content

Thought leadership

Enterprise demand generation

We created an empowering creative proposition of ‘Your control center. Our cybersecurity’, and deployed a comprehensive campaign that helped grow awareness with existing customers and prospects.