Cisco has a long-held reputation for pioneering innovative social responsibility commitments – and using the combined power of ‘the human network’ to amplify the impact. Similarly, it has a good employer brand reputation for inclusive and collaborative practices that are integrated with digital platforms for management and value realisation.

With Community Impact (CI), Cisco saw the opportunity to combine these 2 imperatives for greater value. Cisco saw the opportunity to drive industry conversation and employer thought leadership around a new notion and metric of CI. Cisco planned to create the pre-eminent model and pioneering metrics for organisations to measure, accelerate and celebrate their community impact. The goal was to inspire and enable every employee to continually make a positive, definable difference to lives and communities.

The requirement was to support the launch of the initiative at a number of key events. The brand would act as an umbrella to other CSR and employee community engagement initiatives. The initiative required new ‘market development’ language and messaging to reflect the aspirational efforts of the new model.



What we delivered?

  • Brand and visual identity
  • Comprehensive messaging matrix
  • Launch communications and tools
  • web pages, presentations, merchandise and environment designs

What did the campaign achieve?

The launch of the innovative model and metric for measuring Employee Community Impact has been well received by leading customers and commentators on social impact. It has been widely recognised as a bold and valuable change to how CSR efforts are reported.

Marketing expertise

Thought Leadership

Employee Engagement

Strategic Content

Market Development

Proposition Development

Leading an industry transformation in community impact.