With new developments and increasing innovations within the technology industry, many organisations are experiencing restricted growth due to the global talent shortage plaguing the tech sector. As well as a lack of universal resource, many ethnic and minority groups are vastly under represented in the industry.

Talent Academy by Cloudreach, is a global initiative that aims to attract underrepresented groups with opportunities to learn, train and obtain industry recognised AWS certification in a range of cloud disciplines. The 2 year course blends practical and hands-on learning, in addition to billable ‘live work tasks’. This culminates in AWS certification and an opportunity to build a career within the cloud space.



What we delivered

The previous Talent Academy web presence was a hidden page on the corporate website that didn’t detail information about the course, the regional cohorts that were being launched, the application process, or the opportunities alumni had received.

The Rubicon Agency was commissioned with scoping, writing and developing a new stand-alone web presence. The new site was to be used to increase awareness of the initiative, provide a self-service portal for potential recruits and much more comprehensive information to the applicants.

The website also enjoyed a new creative design that created a standalone identity which would be more appealing to its target audience.

What did the campaign achieve?

The website has generated a significant uplift in unique traffic compared to it’s previous web presence.

Plans to roll out additional cohorts are also in the pipeline and will be added to the website in due course.

Marketing expertise

Enterprise demand generation

Brand strategy

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