With deep, strategic-level relationships with public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Cloudreach possess industry-leading expertise in architectures, methodologies, toolsets and performance IT models to transform every enterprise IT environment.

The business challenge was to map and market specific propositions into organisations in an industry-specific manner that was cognisant of their technology maturity and cloud culture. The Rubicon Agency was approached to strategise and develop a comprehensive account-based marketing campaign to target specific businesses with precision propositions.



What we delivered

With a campaign proposition around the urgency of cloud technology and development culture transformation, The Rubicon Agency produced the end-to-end programme that even extended the theme into AWS re:Invent partner summit.

Against a target account list with known maturity and interest criteria, The Rubicon Agency built a comprehensive plan that included a structured email outreach series, key account sales enablement, programmatic social marketing, intent-based display, remarketing and nurturing. Together with interest-specific landing pages, personalised content and micro-explainer videos, The Rubicon Agency created the programme and collaborated with the client on build, deployment planning and implementation.

What did the campaign achieve?

The programme was a pilot project for Cloudreach. The goal was to learn and adjust processes for further scaling – from target account definition, data acquisition, proposition validation, sales team engagement and marketing operations delivery. In addition to identifying a grade A opportunity within the first 2 weeks, the programme was roundly considered by the sales team to raise the game in key account targeting and engagement.

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Considered by the sales team to raise the game in key account targeting and engagement.