Business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) have long been the preserve of enterprise and larger organisations, often in regulated markets. These organisations are able to afford the duplicate resources and services of traditional DR. But demand for resilience is now expected in businesses of all sizes and markets.

Carbonite had developed a cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – highly-regarded by market commentators and analysts. This service made DR feasible and accessible to organisations looking for enterprise grade assurance at a more affordable price point.

The Rubicon Agency was approached to take the proposition to market – initially through existing customers and higher intent audiences.



What we delivered

With a creative proposition of ‘Keep moving’, The Rubicon Agency created a series of outreach and nurture communications around the business tasks that would benefit from continuity – selling, operating, servicing, supporting etc.

Images were created to allude to the potential events that can cause disruption and downtime – from accidental, natural and malicious – to demonstrate the business-as-usual capabilities and confidence that DRaaS can bring.

The campaign applied extensive email broadcasts, intent advertising and nurture comms to education and engagement content housed on multiple landing pages and portals.  The education content of blogs, videos, briefings and infographics catered for a range of awareness levels of DR. The communication continued into sustained remarketing and welcome back pages.

What did the campaign achieve?

The campaign presented an innovative, progressive option to businesses looking for a contemporary cloud business back-up and continuity solution. And with an array of target audiences covering a broad range of states of DR awareness and maturity, the series of communications created pipeline momentum across customers and prospects alike.

Marketing expertise

Strategic content

Enterprise demand generation

We created an innovative campaign that made enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery as a Service accessible to businesses of all sizes, creating pipeline momentum across diverse markets.