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Meme of the week #38 – data deferral

When the campaign outreach is nearing set-up, trafficking and activation, this is often the time for the vendor to provide the agency with the customer data – either for direct marketing, look-a-like or contact augmentation. Also, it’s often the case for the task to be deferred to multiple stakeholders –…
The Rubicon Agency
October 24, 2022
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Meme of the week #37 – arghnalytics!

Depending on your team collaboration model, the responsibility for setting-up and testing campaign tracking can be split across individuals and functions. And with campaign analytics available across so many touchpoints through the digital journey, it’s not surprising that the ‘pixel’ ball is dropped occasionally. Just make sure it’s not a…
The Rubicon Agency
October 17, 2022
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Meme of the week #33 – epic launch fail

Launch campaigns that fail at lift-off can be caused by so many contributing factors – operational, environmental, and financial. But the damage to brands can impact careers and the standing of the marketing function within the business. Getting the campaign model, marketing and messaging is crucial to achieve orbit and…
The Rubicon Agency
September 19, 2022
On a promise blogMiscellaneousOur Industry

Meme of the week #32 – Budget blah, blah

Seed or pilot funding to prove a new approach, channel or relationship makes business sense. But, this initial intent often far exceeds the available budget. While not exclusive to the marketing business, there’s often pressure on the agency to provide extra-speculative investments to ensure project success – with the promise…
The Rubicon Agency
August 8, 2022
Ready to buy leads blogMiscellaneousOur Industry

Meme of the week #31 – Pipe(line) dreams

Anyone in the marketing and selling business will always want new business opportunities that are as close as possible to the sale. This is understandable – and why wouldn’t you? Expectations have been heightened in recent years with developments in intent-signalling, progressive profiling, nurturing and precision targeting. But achieving it…
The Rubicon Agency
August 1, 2022

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