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Product Marketing

We’ll help you deliver on the many levels of product marketing – what it is, what it does, what it enables and what it achieves.

It’s easy to think of product marketing as the words, pictures and illustrations the describe what’s on offer – constituting the product sheets, solution overviews and customer presentations. But these days (especially for more complex propositions), there’s a lot more to contend with. Commentators and analysts need influencing, key strategic partners need assuring, customers/prospects need lobbying and sales teams need inspiring.

Elevation is key

Every one of the audiences above need a degree of message elevation – beyond the binary information on the product. With decision makers coming increasingly from outside of the IT buying centre, the organisational impacts and business outcomes are increasingly important to portray. We combine context with capability, together with raw product functionality to create pictures of what’s possible. Our proprietary ‘Message Elevator’ creates the right pitch for the product – ensuring resonance at the right levels – without resorting to hyperbole and over-promise.

Product Marketing case studies

Cisco Diverse Talent Accelerators case study

Accelerating diverse talent


Driving the smart grid agenda

Driving the smart grid agenda


Contextualising the role of collaboration

Contextualising the role of collaboration


Challenging the big 2 network vendors head-on

Challenging the big 2 network vendors head-on


Product Marketing blogs

We balance tech knowledge with insight and original thinking to create real engagement.

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