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When your marketing strategy includes the production of a short video why would you create a trailer that goes out prior to the release of an explainer, documentary or demo?

In the world of technology marketing, you may need to stimulate early interest ahead of a product, solution or service rollout. Alternatively, you may want to focus your marketing effort on ‘early adopters’ or even show preference to a key decision maker with an ‘exclusive’ sneak preview as part of an account – based marketing campaign.

A trailer can help to gain an early advantage for marketers especially with the tracking techniques offered by digital marketing. If it’s well-crafted and intriguing (without being too obtuse) it can also be shared and gain a wider distribution within a target customer organisation.

What makes a good trailer video for technology marketing?

An effective trailer video relies on a level of intrigue – just enough to spark curiosity but not so much that it simply leaves the audience baffled or simply irritated. Content needs ruthless distillation, with just enough detail to resonate with the audience and leave them wanting more.

If the main video has already been created, it can be tempting to overload the trailer but it’s essential to hone content down to the bare minimum that needs to be shown or said – in the least amount of time. The audience have to think ‘this is relevant to me, it will deserve my attention and I will want to know more’. And if they think others may also be interested then it’s easy for them to share a short video that won’t overburden bandwidth.

Finally, the call to action is critical for a trailer video. Give your audience a timeline or a launch date; get them to register interest or encourage them to share the video with others.

The Rubicon Agency is an experienced advocate of video for technology marketing. We’ve categorised examples of our work into the seven most common formats, covering a range of subjects. What they share in common is the advantage of our tech sector expertise and market insight combined with our creative but pragmatic approach to production. Each of these videos has created measurable impact and return on marketing investment for our clients.

Watch a trailer video from The Rubicon Agency Video Gallery now

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