Market Development

We use our technology ‘radar’ to help you go to fresh markets with the right amount of analysis, preparation, testing and leadership. We’re uniquely dedicated to technology marketing. That means we offer a number of advantages when you go to market with concepts and propositions that need to resonate with technical and business decision makers.

New business models and mindsets

Speed to market can be a critical factor when there’s a land grab for customers who can benefit from new, disruptive technologies. Because we’re always ahead on the learning curve for technology areas such as Big Data, IoT, Mobility and Cloud, you don’t have to suffer from ‘briefing lag’ or wait while we get our heads around features and benefits.

Of course, not every brief can be informed by extensive research and market analysis, so it helps that we have continuous immersion in the technology market and know what the current drivers, trends and challenges are. It’s been said that assumption is the mother of all mistakes so we’re also careful to embed the right amount of market testing within campaigns.

Above all, we show leadership. For every marketing challenge, there can be several solutions and varying outcomes. With our expertise and experience, we show you the way to the best outcome for your marketing investment and business objectives.

Market Development case studies

VMware Financial Services case study

Creating the market for Virtual Cloud Networks


Women's Tech Connection case study

Inspiring and enabling women in engineering

Women's Tech Connection

xLabs Open Banking case study

Accelerating Financial Inclusion and Open Banking


Market Development blogs

Technology markets don’t buy disruption
Disruptive TechnologyMarket DevelopmentOur IndustryThought Leadership
June 2, 2015

Technology markets don’t buy disruption

In the world of technology, new or better doesn’t necessarily mean disruptive. Unless ‘new’ means revolutionary and ‘better’ means businesses and markets have to think or behave differently, then it’s not true disruption. Do an online search for  ‘disruptive technology’ or ‘disruptive innovation’ and you’ll see they stir up discussion…
Navigating the 3 degrees of Disruption
Disruptive TechnologyMarket DevelopmentProgramme PlanningThought Leadership
May 24, 2015

Disruptive tech – navigating the ‘3 Degrees of Disruption’

‘Disruptive Technology’ is a mere two words – but with the power to change all of our lives (business and consumer). A daydream involving cloud computing, automated transportation, Internet of Things and mobile internet leaves you thinking wistfully about the innovation possibilities. This is just a snapshot of Disruptive Tech…

We use our technology ‘radar’ to help you market with the right amount of analysis, preparation, testing and leadership.

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