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Proposition Development

We place a lot of importance on this marketing lynchpin so you can expect us to make sure it’s not only strong but also durable. We’ve often been known to tell our clients they know ‘too much’ about their own products, services and solutions. It’s our way of saying that objectivity is crucial to a market proposition that’s not only capable of being defended but also resonates with an audience of influencers and decision makers.

Establishing clear positions, selling points and business impacts

With disruptive technologies, the proposition also has to have longevity or at least the ability to adapt as a market matures. A default for technology marketing can be to use fear, uncertainty and doubt as a tactic to win over customers to a new solution but it’s an approach we avoid if there’s a risk of back-firing. With game-changers like Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and IoT, we strike a balance between excitement and reasoned arguments.

Wherever possible, we also work harder to help our clients establish propositions that can be inextricably linked to their brand, heritage and expertise. And if there’s a differentiator to be found, we’ll find it and use it with impunity.

Proposition Development case studies

AT&T Connected Solutions case study thumb

Demonstrating the business case for wearables


First Resonance - Manufacturing Unleashed

Accelerating an industry shift in modern manufacturing

First Resonance

WorkBuzz Hero thumb

Building a unique voice in employee listening


Developing a new brand for inclusive conferencing


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We strike a balance between excitement and reasoned arguments for game-changers like big data, cloud, mobility and IoT.

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