Thought Leadership

We don’t do ‘opinion-farming’ or ‘cut-and-paste’ posturing. We create content and socially enabled assets that win mind-share and market-share by reflecting your brand and technology propositions with integrity, individuality and the essential ingredient that we call ‘mojo.

Technology marketing is all about hearts and minds

We know that to win hearts with disruptive technology, you have to win minds first. We’re also cognisant that risk, legacy investment, technical migration and user behaviour are just some of the issues that need to be handled at product and service level.

We can also support a longer-term strategy with communications aimed at business and technical influencers and opinion formers to help them recognise and understand how tomorrow’s challenges can be mitigated and advantages can be gained by embracing disruptive technologies today. These can be as provocative as visioning videos or white paper content through to corporate presentations, publications or customer newsletters.

Thought Leadership case studies

VMware Financial Services case study

Creating the market for Virtual Cloud Networks


Cisco - Be the Change

Encouraging new behaviours to ‘Be the Change’


Cisco Community Impact

Communicating a new model in social impact


Thought Leadership blogs

We don’t do ‘opinion farming’ or ‘cut-and-paste’ posturing.

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