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As a marketing medium, video is in the ascendency. For tech marketers, video can be a powerful asset with a unique ability to stimulate interest, accelerate understanding and influence decision makers.

Video can also be one of the more costly assets in a campaign or programme so it’s critical that as a marketer you can be confident you’re making the right choice when looking for a capable video production partner.

The choice typically falls between a video production company or your marketing agency.

While a video production company may seem like a valid choice there are clear advantages to be gained from opting for a specialist technology marketing agency. Here are four reasons why:

1. The learning curve

While most video production companies will be used to dealing with a range of sectors and subjects, a specialist agency will have a more immediate grasp of the tech sector, your audience, the decision-making dynamics and even your competition. They will also have an experienced creative team on tap who are well-versed in audience care abouts and the development of technology propositions and messaging.

2. Content creation

Content and purpose should determine the choice of format for your video. With seven types to choose from, you need to be confident that your video partner has the experience to know which will suit. This requires an understanding of the bigger picture such as your audience and market positioning and experience of integration with other assets within a campaign or programme.

With a specialist tech marketing agency you can also expect an incisive approach to the concept for a video; with content that is purposed to articulate and support a clear technology proposition or explain a technology innovation. It’s also particularly valuable to have a specialist agency writer when you need to include interview footage with subject matter experts or sales people who may need coaching to get the best result for an explainer, showcase or demo video.

3. Consistency

If your agency is not only working on your video but also other assets, as part of an integrated campaign or programme, you not only gain economies of scale in content creation but also ensure message consistency and a joined-up approach to audience targetting.

If your current agency doesn’t have video expertise, you have the opportunity to introduce a specialist tech marketing agency with the potential and commitment to add more value than a video production company that will simply be waiting for the next video brief.

4. Cost

Video production companies generally like to impress – even if it’s at the expense of your marketing budget. The business model for video production also tends to be based on outsourcing and a fairly rigid approach to manning a shoot. For scripting, they will typically draft in a freelance writer, especially if the subject matter is as specialised as technology. These factors can combine to create unnecessary or inflated costs.

Alternatively, a specialised technology marketing agency will have the insight and experience to manage both client budget and production values without compromising the purpose and impact of the video. Efficiency and cost gains will also come from the agency being more immediately up to speed on the technology sector, market and audience.

The Rubicon Agency is an experienced advocate of video for technology marketing. We’ve categorised examples of our work into the seven most common formats, covering a range of subjects. What they share in common is the advantage of our tech sector expertise and market insight combined with our creative but pragmatic approach to production. Each of these videos has created measurable impact and return on marketing investment for our clients.

Watch a video from The Rubicon Agency Video Gallery now.

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