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Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t go to plan for anyone. The technology sector is no exception and, like every other business sector, is having to anticipate and deal with the direct and indirect effects of ‘C-19’.

2020 has been a lesson in expecting the unexpected. As the uncertainty continues, the impact of dealing with a global pandemic has challenged business and market sectors in different ways – with some feeling more disruption and financial pain than others.

As a breed, marketers are perhaps more prepared to catch a curved ball when it’s thrown in their direction. As practitioners in the art of anticipating and meeting demand with changing market dynamics, marketers are ready to zig when circumstances zag.

Looking to the horizon, we see clouds growing in the shape of reduced marketing budgets and customer spending. But even in this general climate of uncertainty it is, believe it or not, possible to pick out some silver linings – that can turn challenges into opportunities.

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