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This article compliments ‘McMarketing in the tech sector – Does fast marketing just create indigestion?’

Fast marketing happens when marketers are institutionally influenced to choose quantity over quality, and convenience over content. When engagement assets, landing pages, outreach or conversations are simply quickfried with little culinary skill, the results can leave customers feeling hungry or, worse still, with a bad aftertaste.

Like fast food, fast marketing can run the risk of being disposable.

Fast food and fast marketing may be a quick, convenient solution but if either is served cold then they’re likely to be quickly discarded.

Rather than satisfy a hunger for information; without a clear and relevant call-to-action or a next-step, the fast marketing meal turns into a cold offering. When that happens, customer audiences are inclined to look for the nearest waste bin.

The cold take-away is a common fail in sales enablement assets. So, why do thought leadership, business case, use case and other assets typically offer a next-step to an audience when sales enablement assets are often left without any clear call-to-action?

The answer lies in planning. Rather than expect sales to keep the heat under prospects by providing the critical next-step, it makes more sense to give it to them on a plate. Building the offer of an integrated presentation, webinar, white paper, or good old-fashioned conversation into the menu not only keeps your audience at the table but also satisfies their appetite for information without the indigestion.

Fast Marketing fails:
– The all-you-can-eat buffet
– The cold take-away
– Bland ingredients

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