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The advantages of using a particular product or solution often boil down to a trusty set of benefits. Agility. Flexibility. Scalability. Sustainability. Blah blah. We’ve all been there.

And at the purest level this may be true. But we need to make sure these well-trodden values feel real, current and authentic for the new proposition at hand – and not a recycling of the same old same old.

Check out the meme, ‘Proposition fatigue’. Have you seen experienced the heavy eyes? 

Exciting New Proposition Meme

The challenges represented by ‘Proposition fatigue’ relate to:

  • Creative and marketing agencies commissioned to develop campaigns from new briefs 
  • Campaign managers charged with briefing the digital, marketing, PR and social agencies 
  • Product and solution marketing managers required to extract ‘the juice’ that makes prospects pay attention

This post is 1:50 from #WhenTheAgency, a witty collection of observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency. All memes are available to drag and drop into presentations or social posts. Visitors are encouraged to share and create knowing smiles amongst your colleagues and peers.

The full library of memes for #WhenTheAgency is available here. Enjoy!

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