Why technology marketing needs mojo

Why technology marketing needs mojo

Somewhere between ‘influence’ and ‘sex appeal’ there’s another dictionary definition of mojo that could be applied to technology marketing:

‘A quality that attracts people to your technology and makes your product / service / solution / portfolio / brand successful and full of energy’

Technology may be a considered purchase for organisations but mojo has the power to create that first spark of interest amongst business and technical decision makers. In a multi-media, multi-message world, that spark is vital.

So, what does mojo actually mean in marketing terms? If you believe marketing is a combination of left and right brain thinking then mojo is definitely generated from the right hemisphere. By generating the right combination of language, images and concepts, ‘mojo creativity’ can tap into whatever is most resonant to an influencer or buyer- whether that’s aspiration, frustration or any other trigger.


Make no mistake though, mojo isn’t a creative veneer that’s thinly applied to heavy layers of content. Mojo begins with a breadth and depth understanding of your technology proposition followed by what could be described as a creative ‘curation’ of content for your target audience.

With mojo, it’s easier to compel a line of business manager who may be more interested in collaboration than cloud-enabled communications or a CIO who’s equally bothered by both. Combine their curated content under an overarching campaign idea and you begin to influence and motivate a decision-making group. Mojo even has the power to set your brand or portfolio apart when product features can’t.

It seems simplistic to think of technology as a non-emotional purchase for organisations when at the receiving end of marketing content there are people. People can be drawn to content when it appears to have been crafted by someone who had almost read their mind. People also depend on a filtering process that allows them to focus on what they believe is essential and valuable and yet their interest can be piqued by content that has mojo – especially when it’s closely aligned with their care abouts.

Another definition of mojo is ‘a magic charm or spell’ – as if it were something which mysteriously happens. It doesn’t. To work effectively, content mojo requires extra effort and rigour, and a hybrid set of skills that fall somewhere between ‘creative’ and ‘analytical’. But when you do get your mojo working, the added attraction for your target audience can transform marketing success.

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